I’m Leandra, and I am a Health & Wellness Coach!

My personal journey began from a young age when I would flip through the pages of my mom’s anatomy books while she was going to college for Medical Assisting. I was so curious about the wonders of the body and health, and my fascination only blossomed as I learned more and more about bodies and their physiology through my own schooling.

Once I entered college, I thought I knew I wanted to be a nurse. It made sense considering I knew I wanted to assist in the healing of others. However, there were a lot of “things” that didn’t quite align to my personal beliefs or what I wanted from my life when I considered what working in a hospital truly looks like. In a bit of an identity crisis, I left college in pursuit of life experiences, and I moved up to the big city of Salt Lake.

Eventually, by way of the Universe, I landed a job working for a Naturopathic Doctor where my world completely expanded into a kaleidoscope of holistic healing. The natural and traditional modalities completely resonated with me, and I could feel in my entire being that this was the right path into healing for me.

I worked under Dr. Haskell administering nutritional IVs such as Vitamin C, Magnesium, B Vitamins, etc. Through him, I learned the importance of nutrition and gut health as well as targeting the root cause in health versus simply treating the symptoms with a band aid. My love of learning and curiosity only spiraled into a deeper rabbit hole from there, as I knew I wanted to contribute even more to help heal others.

The Health Coaching program I decided to pursue had all the elements I found to be the most important for increasing wellness and well-being. The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy gave me all the tools essential for uncovering the healing potential that is already present in the individual!

Together, we can collaborate and create an individualized plan to discover  the root cause(s). Our focus is WHOLE health – physical, emotional, and spiritual. Although it doesn’t seem like the little things in daily life play into wellness, they certainly play a key position! Our relationships, community, and contributions to society are equally important into balancing the equations of our lives.

Grateful doesn’t even begin to explain how I feel about finding myself on this journey! As I mentioned before, I love learning, and I love that I now have the opportunity to share what I’ve learned with those interested in changing for the better. I hope to inspire those around me to move towards greater well-being in all areas of their lives!

So here is to the creation of this blog, Pure Health Bliss, where I will share with you all what I find to truly increase health and happiness!

I am so thankful and so grateful for all that come to this site for their own inspiration! 🙂